Author: Kyle Manning

Why Put Butter In Coffee on a Keto Diet

Why Put Butter in Coffee? 100% organic grass fed butter is an absolute go-to choice of clean fat that serves as a fantastic source of energy and combined with a low carbohydrate diet helps ensure your body stays in a state of ketosis. Butter has a modicum of Medium Chain Triglycerides, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids with NO trans fats to boot. Prepare the Coffee Cup I don’t always do this, but while I was at it, I wanted to illustrate how easy it is to use a kitchen scale and weigh your ingredients.  This scale is a typical digital...

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Eat Grilled Sardines on a Keto Diet

Highlights High in EPA and DHA Good Source of Protein No Carbs Small Fish – Low Contamination Concern Easy to Cook Note: On a keto diet, it’s extremely important to get a good high quality protein, but not too much.  1 of these sardines that you see is around 120 grams, that equals about 20 – 25 grams of protein.  Also, the highest quality DHA / EPA fat you can find. Prepare Pink Himalayan Salt Especially on a ketogenics diet, it’s important to supplement with a variety of minerals.  So, I’m pouring a bit in a bowl.  I’m going...

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Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss

You too, can have the slim, healthy body that you have been dreaming of.  People from all over the world have been adapting to, and getting RESULTS WITH KETO, losing body fat, and taking on an entirely new stress FREE, depression FREE outlook on life with peace of mind. For decades people have been looking for the miracle cure to obesity.  There are an infinite number of diet related books and diet plans available.  Most of the effective ones, usually have common point of convergence. Sugar. By reducing sugar to near zero and significantly increasing healthy fats, the longevity and quality...

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