Turn Your Body into a Disease Fighting – Fuel Burning – FAT Melting – Thermogenic Canister of Pure Energy

Cayenne pepper has been benefiting people as a natural medicine for thousands of years.  That’s a pretty long time, wouldn’t you say?  It has been used to treat an absolute myriad of symptoms, problems, illnesses, diseases, (what’s another synonym? )  Well, anyway, just about everything.  Not only physical, but even in cases that share space with mental related areas, such alcohol addiction.

I personally consume cayenne pepper everyday.  I’ll tell you about that a little further down.  But, first, let me give you a glimpse of what it’s good for.

Because of a few key ingredients in cayenne pepper it has the ability to influence the molecular level of the body, the blood, the circulatory system, the digestive system, influenza, you name it.  I highly recommend that you keep a good size bag of cayenne pepper and keep it at home.  I keep a 1 kilogram bag on hand.  That’s about 2 pounds, give-or-take.

Three ingredients that are extremely important are vitamin A, vitamin E, and capsaicin.  Capsaicin being the most critical in this particular case.  Capsaicin is pronounced (cap・sigh・sin)

Heart Attack

In fact: It is even wide spread information that a little bit of cayenne pepper can stop a heart attack within 1/2 minute.  That’s 20 ~ 30 seconds.

To administer this to someone having a heart attack, it would probably be best to have a small bottle of pre-made cayenne tincture on hand and drop 3 or 4 drops in the afflicted person’s mouth.

Problems Treated With Cayenne Pepper

Upset stomach, gas, stomach pain, circulation, blood clotting, toothaches, alcoholism,fever, pain, skin conditions, pain, obesity, psoriasis, pain, the list goes on.

OH!,…and pain.  Did I say pain.

Yes, you can actually create a with cayenne pepper by mixing it in beeswax and applying it to the skin where there is a pain, a cut, or bleeding.  The cayenne will considerably ease or completely stop the pain.  It will actually clot the blood and make it stop bleeding.

Wanna be the hero at your kid’s next football game.  Just wish there wuz some kid get hurt (except yours of course) then rush off the bleachers waving your bottle of cayenne pepper tincture, or your can of cayenne pepper paste and save the day.

Then apply the paste to the wounded area and watch it stop bleeding.  If the kid is knocked completely out (oh goodness, I hope I’m not approaching bad karma right now) then take a couple drops from your tincture drop it in his lips and he might wake up and punch you, so be careful.

Ladies!  You can even use cayenne pepper when that time of the month is not so comfortable.

Because cayenne pepper goes in, dilates the arteries and cleaning out cholesterol supporting triglycerides (fat), in effect promoting greater circulation and removing pain.

Actually, you wanna know how cayenne pepper relieves pain?  I knew you would.  I thought this was cool when I first learned it.  The capsaicin has an effect on the nerves where it tricks the brain into thinking there is another pain somewhere else in the body.  The brain therefore stops producing “Ouch!!” signals to the area where the pain was. Chances are the new area of pain will be insignificant or non-existent.  So, you won’t feel any pain.

That is what I call – Brain Hacking!  It’s like the kid who cries “My hand hurts……whaaa whaaaa!” Then to remedy it, you hit him on the toe with a hammer so that he forgets about his hand.   Ooohh….that karma is gonna to get me.

FAT – Increase Metabolism and Reduce Hunger

I was getting a bit carried away. Thank you for listening so patiently.  You are a great listener.  I really wanted to talk about how this applies to most people’s concerns who are on a ketogenic diet.

Ya, exactly.  Melt the FAT.

Friend, — FAT– is mostly a symptom.  Just like a cough is a symptom of a cold or the flue.  It in and of itself is not the problem.  Now, if you’re thinking “Ya, the problem is eating too much.”  I agree, eating too much of the wrong things is on of the causes.

But, over eating is NOT the only cause.  One of the leading promoters of degenerative disease is inflammation.  Inflammation doesn’t only happen when you get a boo boo on your elbow.  Your body is constantly cycling in and out of stage of inflammation.  Inflammation is a response from the immune system.

Anti Inflammatory

However, if your body doesn’t have the proper nutrients that promote anti-inflammatory regulation, then a constant state of inflammation leads to illness, which leads to disease and finally to death.  It’s no joking matter.

Inflammation is like the police of the body.  They setup in the tissue lining of the blood stream inflaming it, or expanding it to allow anti oxidants and other bad boy regime fighting agents to get through.

Now to make a comparison, imagine the police come out to do some riot control in the city.  That’s easy to understand.  Very recently that is quite easy to understand.  Now!  what happens if everyone goes home, but the police stay behind.  FOREVER.

Y’see, the police are the inflammation.  They come for a good cause.  But, if they don’t leave, it turns into a police state.  This is inflammation caused disease.

So, you need a good, adequate amount of anti-inflammatory agents in your body.

The two best that come to mind are –

  • Omega-3 – (EPA) from fish.  Preferably small fish like sardines.
  • Cayenne Pepper

You bet.  Cayenne is a great anti-inflammatory.

What does this have to do with weight loss?

For ordinary day to day weight gain and loss – little here, little there.  Nothing.

But, for the obese person.  Everything.

If you see a person even bordering on obese, you can call your bookie and bet the over that he has a lot of internal inflammation going on.  What sort of things cause inflammation?



… and not Enough Anti-Inflammatory Agents


Did I mention Sugar?

Cayanne pepper also increases body temperature which is another way that your metabolism is mobilized.  That in effect leads to weight loss.

How to Consume Cayenne Pepper

I mentioned a couple ways earlier.  You can make a paste.  It’s not hard.  Just need some beeswax and melt it together with cayenne pepper.  This is mostly for topical application to the skin.

Also, you can create a tincture which is simply mixing cayenne pepper in a jar with hard alcohol such as vodka about 1:1 ratio. Alcohol without sugar is preferable.  Let it sit for 4 to six weeks.  Don’t worry, this is a common process.  When you do consume it, you don’t tip the jar up and drink from it.  You might drink as much as a full eyedropper full at a time.

Cayenne pepper capsules: I personally have never used these.  But, word on the street is that some people have uncomfortable reactions to these.  This is because the cayenne pepper doesn’t even expose itself to your body until it hits your intestines.  This can cause upset stomach or burning feeling.

For best effect, you should try to consume directly.

How I consume Cayenne Pepper

I sprinkle (unselfishly) about a tsp of cayenne pepper on almost everything I eat.  If I make a salad, I sprinkle it on.  This is one way.

Often, though, I take a 500 ml or 1 liter empty plastic bottle and put 1~ 2 tsp of cayenne pepper inside, fill with clean water – shake to dissolve the cayenne pepper and drink at my own pace.  ( you don’t have to use a plastic bottle, I just like being able to keep the cap on and carry it with me. )  This is GREAT for people on the go.

You can go hours without eating.

In the End

Okay, so we’ve discussed most of the benefits.  Let’s recap a few.

Cayenne pepper is great for

  • Digestive Health
  • Blood Clotting
  • Detoxing by promoting circulation
  • Increased Metabolism
  • and FAT LOSS

This really is a small list of all the benefits of cayenne pepper.

I encourage you to go get some cayenne pepper powdertoday and keep it at home.  You can eat the peppers straight.  But, it’s not necessary.  And look into other sources to get more information.  I have left a few additional resources below.

Thank you for reading.  I look forward to your comments below.

Do you eat cayenne pepper?  What has your experience been like?

Do you want to try?  Tell me about it.


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