Eat More Saturated Fats for Fat Loss, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Disease

Won’t Saturated FAT Make You Fatter?  Look at It!  It’s so Hard and Mucky!  Won’t That Make You Sick? If this sounds like your past or current thought process about fats or even more specifically saturated fats ( the kind that tend to turn solid easily at room temperature), I can totally dig how you feel.  I was right there with you ~ until a friend of mine told me how he lost 20 pounds in a couple of months. He simply used a ketogenic style of eating by significantly increasing his daily consumption of butter and cutting out...

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Carbs, LPL, Leptin, and Insulin are Cyclically Keeping You Fat

Cristian Vlad Zot explains in his book “Ketone Power” the cat chasing its tail game between hormones Leptin, Insulin and the enzyme LPL. We’ve all heard the simple math explanation of calories consumed – calories burned = (weight loss OR weight gain).  But, this seems to be a bit oversimplified of an explanation. There are several working parts that go together in this weight loss / weight gain spiral effect.  One place we’ve all been taught to look for answers to the fat problem is insulin.  Let’s take a look at a couple other factors that work in concert with insulin...

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Fats on Keto Overview

Carbohydrates are the Antagonist in the Story of the Ketogenic Diet.  FAT – is the Superhero. There are a variety of fats that fall into an array of categories such as saturated and unsaturated fats.  You hear those two words a lot.  Then there are polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats.  Where do these fit in?  There are three really important types of fats that I want you to walk away with a better understanding of .  Omega-3, Omega-6, and MCT (medium chain triglycerides) fats. Most fats are healthy, necessary and work together like the Superfriends.  I’d like to break down these fats into their family...

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Cayenne Pepper For Breakfast on a Ketogenic Diet

Kick Start Your Day with a Bottle of Cayenne Pepper and Water that will Give You Hours of Lasting Energy. I normally drink cayenne pepper water, but I have been especially lately.  Why? – Just because.  I’m not addicted to it, but I’ve gotten really used to it and it’s super convenient. I won’t go over all the benefits of cayenne pepper here.  I’m just touching base with you guys, but I’ll give you the broad picture.  Check out this for more details on the benefits of cayenne pepper water. Cayenne pepper suppresses hunger.  I puts your blood and...

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Egg Nutrition Facts for a Ketogenic Diet

Why Eat Eggs on a Ketogenic Diet? First and foremost, the main reason is that eggs are low in carbohydrates.  This is pillar number 1 of all keto concerns when fussing over what foods to eat. Oh, and they’re cheap.   If we examine the yolk by itself, which is what most people are in an uproar over in the non-Keto circles, the yolk contains about 75% fat and 20% protein.  That leaves about 5% for carbohydrates.  Of the remaining 5% carbohydrate content, the glucose in the egg is only a fraction of 1%.  To be a bit more...

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Morning Fat Like Clockwork – Coconut Oil and Avocado

Blast Your Day in Gear with a Good Dose of Healthy MCT and Monounsaturated Fats. I woke up this morning with several things to take care of.  I thought about half of those things on my list, and *did* the other half. I had a haircut appointment at 10 am.  So, I had a quick cup of coffee.  Nothing special.  Black.  When I got back, I sat in front of the computer because I couldn’t wait to greet you guys. Then I looked toward the kitchen where my pot of hour-and-a-half old left-over coffee was sitting.  I jumped up...

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What Ketogenics Has Done For Me

I have always been a big guy.  I played football in high school.  I had to eat a lot to do that.  Or, I ate a lot because I did that.  Chicken-n-Egg problem. When active in sports, burning calories and fat wasn’t a problem.  Now, that I’m older, things change.  I just want to let you in on a few things that I have personally experienced from the Ketogenics diet.  Most or maybe all of the following points may be intermingled in definition.  But, I am able to experience them individually. Energy Since eating a low carb high fat...

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Grilled Mackerel on a Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss

Ketogenics causes you to melt fat away First and foremost, don’t forget why you’re doing ketogenics.  It’s to eat healthy while removing those unwanted carbs from your diet.  This is the only way to ensure your body moves away from fueling on glucose, and more on ketones. Grill Your Mackerel Grilling is good not only for mackerel, but for meat and vegetables in general.  Unlike, boiling or pan frying, grilling preserves most-if-not-all of the nutrients in your food. Use Aluminum Foil to Trap the Oils Traditionally, people grill to get rid of the fat.  And that it does.  But,...

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Sardine Health Benefits and Ketogenics

Introduction Sardines bring the highest quality source of fat to the table.  No, really!   They do.  And a high quality protein.  Even body builders rave over sardines.  Between that, the zero carbs and low concern for contamination, Sardines are most highest recommendation for a keto diet and for any other lifestyle and eating style you may choose. Go Sardines ! Sardine Macro-Nutrients Remember MACROS are the larger groups of nutrients that act more as building block in our body.  They consist of Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates.  100 grams of sardines amounts to about 11 grams of fat, 25 grams...

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