Kick Start Your Day with a Bottle of Cayenne Pepper and Water that will Give You Hours of Lasting Energy.

I normally drink cayenne pepper water, but I have been especially lately.  Why? – Just because.  I’m not addicted to it, but I’ve gotten really used to it and it’s super convenient.

I won’t go over all the benefits of cayenne pepper here.  I’m just touching base with you guys, but I’ll give you the broad picture.  Check out this for more details on the benefits of cayenne pepper water.

Cayenne pepper suppresses hunger.  I puts your blood and circulation in overdrive – dilates your arteries and blood vessels in effect cranking up the energy supply.

It warms up your stomach and intestines – raises your temperature and increases your metabolism.

Anyone looking for an apetite suppressant – this is the answer!  This is excellent for people on the road who can stop conveniently to get something to eat.  Or, you can stop, but you you know better than to stop into that death infested eating place on the left hand side of the road.  Yikes!

Maybe you travel by air.  Car. Train.  Bicycle.  Whatever.  Carry a bottle of this around with you and it will keep-you-going.  I promise you.

Some people add some lemon and / or honey to it.  That’s up to you.  I, personally, just man-up and hacksaw-ridge it.  Get the job done.  Just kidding.  Feel free to add those.  But, go light on the honey.

For obvious reasons.

If you add honey, go with 100% organic and not one that has added sugar.  I stay away from it because of the sugar.  If you only add a little, you can get away with it perhaps.  I personally advise against it.

Those are simply tactics to cut thru the spicy taste.  There are other ways, such as adding other spices such as turmeric.

However, once you get used to it, you can just drink it straight.

I have heard one suggestion to take in a mouthful of cayenne pepper water and swish it around your mouth.  This can help alleviate pain and internal sores, but more importantly it sends messages to through your taste buds that it’s about to come down the hatch – so your digestive system has a big welcoming party for it.

Ok, have fun.   If you don’t drink cayenne pepper water, or use it regularly, I advise you give it a shot.