Won’t Saturated FAT Make You Fatter?  Look at It!  It’s so Hard and Mucky!  Won’t That Make You Sick?

If this sounds like your past or current thought process about fats or even more specifically saturated fats ( the kind that tend to turn solid easily at room temperature), I can totally dig how you feel.  I was right there with you ~ until a friend of mine told me how he lost 20 pounds in a couple of months.

He simply used a ketogenic style of eating by significantly increasing his daily consumption of butter and cutting out bad carbs.  This sent him into a state of ketosis.  Below you’ll understand more of the 2 for 1 benefits he received.

Even I had great fat loss success in a short time.  When I told my ex-wife how I had lost so much weight ~ she gave me that nod.  You know – the Nod.  If the nod had a mouth it would sound something like this :

“Ya, I’ve heard of that.  You stuff yourself with all those unhealthy fats and grow blubber bubbles all over your belly and die of diabetes or cardiovascular disease.”

And then my ex-wife’s real mouth opened up ~ “so, all of that fat has to come out somewhere – where’s it going to come out of ? – your hair?”  She also told me that I looked homeless.  I hope she never reads this.

Anyway ~~

No Relationship Between Saturated Fats and Cardiovascular Disease

It is becoming more and more well understood there is no relationship between saturated fats and cardiovascular disease even though the USDA still promotes a very low fat diet – for more than 30 years – regardless of the results of of studies and statistics measured over the last 50 years.

Even meta-analysis studies (studies of studies) are in agreement that there is no relationship between saturated fat consumption and CVD / CHD ( Cardio Vascular / Heart Disease).

Fat intake is bad for health when the % of calories from fat is < 60% – & – the carbohydrate intake is high. — Phinney and Volek

You might want to read that quote again.  They are saying that if you are the average person, you are not getting enough FAT.

Eat High Fat Low Carb

In the keto lifestyle circle it is commonly said to eat HIGH FAT, but you must also go very LOW CARB to reap the benefits. – Christian Vlad Zot : Ketone Power

Hypocaloric carbohydrate diet reduces levels of saturated fatty acids in the blood compared to a low fat diet.

It’s also said that hypocaloric carbohydrate (low carb) diet reduces inflammation (even though) arachidonic acid is increased.

Arachidonic acid is a polyunsaturated fat – the mother of Omega-3 fatty acids. EPA, which is in the family of Omega-3, normalizes inflammation ~ indicating a positive response to the arachidonic acid increase.

POA (Palmotoleic acid) is reduced in low-carbohydrate high-fat eating.  POA is a precursor to diabetes diagnosis.  Research indicates that saturated fat is metabolized in the absence of carbohydrates.

Phinney and Volek propose that saturated fat is actually favored over polyunsaturated fats in the beta-oxidation (metabolization) selection process – unless there are carbohydrates.

In the End

If you are in significant need of weight-loss or are concerned about your current health and would like to invest in your future self ~ then consider this eating and lifestyle carefully.

Get Results With Keto.

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