Ketogenics causes you to melt fat away

First and foremost, don’t forget why you’re doing ketogenics.  It’s to eat healthy while removing those unwanted carbs from your diet.  This is the only way to ensure your body moves away from fueling on glucose, and more on ketones.

Grill Your Mackerel

Grilling is good not only for mackerel, but for meat and vegetables in general.  Unlike, boiling or pan frying, grilling preserves most-if-not-all of the nutrients in your food.

Use Aluminum Foil to Trap the Oils

Traditionally, people grill to get rid of the fat.  And that it does.  But, you and I want to preserve **both** the nutrients **and** the fats.

Because much of the oil is going to escape in the grilling process, grill your mackeral over a sheet of / or wrap in a sheet of aluminum foil.  This will trap the healthy oils that we *want* to keep.

Why, because of the super healthy Omega-3 EPA and DHA fats that are so healthy for the brain and eliminating unwanted disease causing inflammation.

The fat source from most foods we eat are in the form of inflammation causing Omega-6.  Balance that with EPA.

Pour the Mackerel Oils into a Salad.

When finished grilling, remove the fish and preserve the oil by pouring it into a thick dense green salad for seasoning and texture.

For that matter, you can add this oil to a smoothie.  I’ve done it many-a-time as my grandmother would say.


Yeah, you’re finished, healthy, and melting more belly fat away.

This Advice is Totally Opposite of Mainstream Advice

Most people recommend that you grill for the purpose of getting rid of the oil.  That is NOT what you really want to do.  

Remember, what do you want to get rid of?  Carbs.

If you are unfamiliar with the Ketogenics diet, please read my complete Ketogencis Diet overview.

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