The Ketogenic diet overview on the front page has finally been completed.  Please visit it at Results With Keto and give me some feedback.

Keto is not a complicated diet or regiment, but for the person who likes to really get their hands dirty, there is a lot you can learn.

Most diets just talk about reducing calories and increasing exercise.  If you are already familiar with ketogenics, you understand that to be only a partial truth.

  • Calories are not all equal.
  • Fats are not all equal
  • Carbs are not all equal
  • Proteins are not all equal

In simple terms however, if you considerably reduce your carbs to near zero and eat healthy forms of fats and proteins, the quality of your life will only prosper.

Regarding the full article, I have to admit up front, it’s long.  About 4,000 words.  I think it’s an easy read, though.  I’d love to hear your feedback.

Keto On!