Sardines bring the highest quality source of fat to the table.  No, really!   They do.  And a high quality protein.  Even body builders rave over sardines.  Between that, the zero carbs and low concern for contamination, Sardines are most highest recommendation for a keto diet and for any other lifestyle and eating style you may choose.

Go Sardines !

Sardine Macro-Nutrients

Remember MACROS are the larger groups of nutrients that act more as building block in our body.  They consist of Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates.  100 grams of sardines amounts to about 11 grams of fat, 25 grams of protein and 0 carbs.  ZERO CARBS?   !! Yayyy !!

Yes, friends, Sardines are definitely a food to get excited about, but mostly for reasons coming next!


The Saturated : Polyunsaturated : Monounsaturated fatty acid ratio comes in at 1.5 : 5 : 3.9 grams per 100 grams.  This is very balanced.

However, the most exciting part of this balanced trio of fats is the (PUFA) polyunsaturated fat area.  Within that PUFA portion, sardines pack a whopping amount of EPA and DHA.

You know!  the DHA that is absolutely GREAT for the brain and makes up over 60% of the brain and EPA that distracts the Omega-6 fats from continuing to rage in inflammation wars.  EPA acts as an anti-inflammatory like a beautiful lady in a biker bar. Tends to calm all those guys down and make’em act gentleman-like.  So,  ya, duh…I guess we need this stuff, huh?

To be more precise, according to 100 grams of sardines contain

  • 0.51 grams of DHA
  • 0.47 grams of EPA
  • combined for right at 1 gram of DHA/EPA

Holy MACROS Batman !! — GET FAT !!


100 grams of sardines weigh in at about 25 grams of healthy protein.  This is good healthy protein to rebuild every aspect of the body.  Protein are chains of amino acids.  There are about 9 essential amino acids.  Essentials are the one your body can’t produce.  Unless you are Superman.

According to, sardines rank very high and supply 100% of these essential amino acids.


Fortunate for the Keto-lifestyler, sardines (as well as meat from most living animals) have zero carbs.  This of course helps ensure that you stay in a state of ketosis.  Yayyyy Ketosis !!

Sardine Micro-Nutrients

Micro-nutrients cover all the other stuff like vitamins and minerals that have names that most people can’t pronounce.  So they give them abbreviations withLetter and Number abbreviations.  Phw!!  Oh well, here they are.


For the vitamins, while sardines represent most vitamins, ….

  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D

…. come in particularly high on the charts.  B12 is amazingly high.  100 grams of sardines provide 149% daily B12.  YES !!!


For the minerals …..

  • Selenium 75% daily value / 100 grams of sardines
  • Calcium  38% daily value
  • Phosphorus 49%

…. are the leaders.  Phosphorus is already in abundance in our diet.  So, this is of no particular merit.  In fact, too much phosphorus in the absence of calcium could lead to some bad stuff.

But, have NO FEAR !  Sardinez’ez Calcium is HERE !! Sardines bring their own calcium to the party.


As I have covered enough in other sections of the site, smaller fish in the wild are a better seafood selection because they have a shorter lifespan.  They are at the bottom of the food chain, therefore don’t live as long and don’t incur as much contamination from the ocean.  Where as larger fish do.   Ewwww Contamination!

Cooking and Preparation

Me?  I grill these babies.  But, I do so in an indoor oven with a sheet of aluminum foil just so I can catch all the extra fish oil that seeps out.

Yes, I know that sounds GROSS to many not familiar with this…. but it’s awesome.  You can trust me.  No really, you can.  Stop arguing.

The extra oil, I usually just pour into some other form of fibrous stuff like a salad or something.  Oh, spinach!  I love spinach.  spinach – Spinach – SPINACH !!!   Go – Spinach !

 I Have a Couple of Questions for You.

Hey everyone, I hope you got something out of this.  Thank you for reading.  See, it wasn’t that bad, now was it ?!

  1.  Do you eat sardines?  Comment about it.
  2.  Do you think you’ll start eating sardines?  Tell us why.
  3.  What else do you recommend on a Keto diet?