• High in EPA and DHA
  • Good Source of Protein
  • No Carbs
  • Small Fish – Low Contamination Concern
  • Easy to Cook

Note: On a keto diet, it’s extremely important to get a good high quality protein, but not too much.  1 of these sardines that you see is around 120 grams, that equals about 20 – 25 grams of protein.  Also, the highest quality DHA / EPA fat you can find.

Preparing Pink Himalayan Salt

Preparing Pink Himalayan Salt

Prepare Pink Himalayan Salt

Especially on a ketogenics diet, it’s important to supplement with a variety of minerals.  So, I’m pouring a bit in a bowl.  I’m going to batter my sardines in there and massage the salt into the skin.  NOTE: this is Pink Himalayan Salt, *not* typical table salt.

You don’t need an extreme amount, however, you don’t need to fear taking in healthy salt such as Himalayan salt.  It’s very healthy.

Sardines in the oven

Grill Sardines in the oven on a sheet of aluminum foil

GRILL the Sardines

Once, I get my fishies nice and salty, I lay them on a sheet of aluminum foil over my grilling pan and stick it in the oven.  In my particular grilling oven, I grill them for 10 minutes then flip them over and grill for another 10 minutes.

I’m just going by instinct here.  I’ve had to tweak my times a bit.  So, you’ll probably need to also.  If the tails come out pretty crispy, you have probably done fine.

By the way, I stick them in the oven whole.  I don’t cut the heads off or anything.  Some people do gut them.  But, these are small fish.  So, they will typically cook very easily.  Some people even eat the heads.  The brains are supposed to have extremely high amounts of DHA !!

Prepare a bowl of shredded cabbage with soy sauce and pink Himalayan salt.

Prepare a bowl of shredded cabbage with soy sauce and pink Himalayan salt.

Prepare to Eat Dinner

Don’t forget to get *some* fiber.  You don’t need a lot, but you need some.  I have a bowl of shredded cabbage that I poured a little soy sauce in.

Also, I took the fat from the fish plate – tipped it over my cabbage and poured that fat into the bowl – then stirred it up.

Because, I don’t want to miss eating *any* of that fat.  It’s some of the most healthy fat you’ll ever eat.  About sardines, you can eat the sardines out of a can, too.  But, I don’t recommend eating a lot of canned, frozen, or boxed food.

Among those 3, frozen is probably best, but even then, a lot of nutrients can be lost.  For canned and boxed, there are other preservatives.  For canned sardines, there are a lot of added omega 6 fats that you want to avoid.  I live in Japan, so fresh sardines are rampant.

However, if you can’t find fresh sardines in your area, then go with mackerel perhaps.  You want to stick to the smaller size fish, though.  This reduces your chances of exposing yourself to the contaminants of the ocean.

I hope you enjoyed this.  If so, please comment and share.