Eat any Fruits You Like, But No More

fruits on keto

fruits on keto

You can eat any fruit you want when you are on the keto diet. Some are better than others. You just don’t want to eat too much. And you don’t want to eat fruit by itself if you can help it. Try to eat it with some other fibers. Such as in a salad. Apple salad with fatty seeds sprinkled on top.

Don’t get carried away with trying to get in the habit of eating a lot of fruit on keto.  It will defeat ketosis.

Once you start eating a lot of carbs again, your body is just going to swing back into it’s old ways.  But, common sense tells you that fruit is healthy for you.  You have to use a little intuition on this one.

If I put two two items in front of a child and said you can give one of these to your puppy and it will make him lick you and play with you all day.  The other one will make him fat and sick.

The items are :

  •  a packet of sugar
  • a piece of a fruit she has never seen before.

-Disclaimer, I’m not necessarily saying which is good for a dog.  They may both be bad for dogs for all I know.  But, she doesn’t know that.

Hoping she doesn’t want to make her puppy sick, which one do you think she’ll give little puppy?

Yep, probably the fruit, even though she’s never seen it before.  Human nature tells us what things are healthy and not healthy.  The question of this topic is not about healthy or not.  I know.  It’s about which fruits are OK, and ketosis safe.

Again, all fruits are healthy and safe.  But, making sure that you stick to the daily number of allotted carbs / day is just as important.  The range of recommend daily carb intake ranges anywhere from 0 grams to 50 grams.  That equates to a range of from impossible ~to~ oohh…that looks like it will fit in my daily allowance.

So, stick to good healthy fruits and in small portions so you don’t go over your daily allowance.

But make sure you get plenty of healthy fats to maintain your body’s level of ketosis without throwing it off.

But, Fruits have Sugar!

Yep.  They sure do.  Actually the number one recommend fruit for a keto diet is ….

Avocado.  ~ imagine that !

Most people don’t even know that avocado is a fruit.  By classification it is.  And, if you allow yourself to go into a deeeeep  ~ deep state of hypnosis, you’ll eventually come to the conclusion…..   (snap!)  Now Wake up.

~It’s a fruit.

Actually most food groups have sugar, it’s the type of sugar to be most concerned about.  Different types of sugars take different pathways in the body, get metabolized differently, etc.

The 3 main types to familiarize yourself with are

  • Glucose – basic monosaccharide that the body converts most food into for energy
  • Fructose (sugar from fruits) – this form of energy takes a different pathway than typical glucose
  • Sucrose (table sugar)

Insulin Spikes

What you want to be most concerned about is… “Will that type of sugar influence insulin levels?”  Insulin spikes will store your current blood glucose as fat.  Don’t want that.  Bad.  And yes, the sugar from fruits can potentially spike your insulin levels.  So, eating too much fruit is not good.

Fibers to the Rescue

The reason I said earlier to eat fruit combined with other fibrous foods is to create a slow glucose release in the body.

Fiber by itself can constipate you because fiber compacts inside the digestive area.  It also has a good side effect.  When you eat sugary foods – CARBS, combined with a suitable amount of fiber, the fiber is going to block the carbs from getting released from the digestive area into the body too quickly.  It’s actually possible that *some* carbs may not get processed at all.

As opposed to squeezing juice from an apple and drinking the juice directly, your insulin might just start pinging-and-panging like a steaming car engine with pistons about to shoot through the hood.

So, make sure you eat fruits WITH other fibrous matter to keep your carb release as slow as possible.

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