I have always been a big guy.  I played football in high school.  I had to eat a lot to do that.  Or, I ate a lot because I did that.  Chicken-n-Egg problem.

When active in sports, burning calories and fat wasn’t a problem.  Now, that I’m older, things change.  I just want to let you in on a few things that I have personally experienced from the Ketogenics diet.  Most or maybe all of the following points may be intermingled in definition.  But, I am able to experience them individually.


Since eating a low carb high fat (LCHF) diet, or ketogenic diet, I quickly swung from a low energy to high energy person.  I’m not just talking about physical energy.  Although that is apparent as well.

But, rather, I’m talking about mental energy.  My ability to focus without getting distracted is more apparent.  My desire to engage in things that would normally seem like a hassle, has improved.  I now dedicate more time to my work.  I find myself singing while washing dishes in the kitchen.  Usually Elvis Presley,… or my own contrived versions of his songs.

Washing the dishes?  Did you hear that?

I used to use the same cup all day long just so I wouldn’t have to wash anything.

Not now, I snap stuff up on the coffee table, dining table, and look for other places and get them ready to be washed.

It’s amazing the energy I have compared to before.


Along with the energy difference, I experience enthusiasm to improve my performance at things I already to as well as engage in new things.  And, I actually want to.

Just yesterday, I decided to get out and walk.  I have a condition called Spinal Stenosis which is related to sciatica.  It’s actually difficult to stand or walk, at least for long periods of time.  When I do walk, I usually look like chicken bent over a quarter of the way with a corncob up my butt just to relieve the pain from the stenosis.

But, I just got out and walked for a couple kilometers.

Actually, part of the reason I choose the Ketogenic diet is because sciatica and spinal stenosis affect the nerves.  Fat is very important for the nerves.  When I go long periods of time without healthy fat, or live primarily off carbs, the condition gets much worse for me.

So, I walked and walked.

No Cravings

I also experience very low craving for food.  It’s 2:24 pm in the afternoon as I write this message.  I still haven’t eaten anything.

Well, I **did** have some butter in one of my cups of coffee.

I have been intermittent fasting (IF) naturally without any personal effort to do so.  Intermittent fasting is the idea of going prolonged periods of time without eating during the course of one day.  Some people define it by the number strictly reduced calories they eat during a day.  For example 500 calories.  I don’t subscribe to this definition.  Fasting is the abstinence from food of all sorts (even the butter in my coffee) for a period of time.

for example when you go to sleep at night.  I hope you aren’t eating while you sleep.  If not, you are fasting.  Then when you wake up and continue to abstain from food, you are still fasting.

The mainstream definition for most IF followers is to have an 8 hour window during a 24 hour day in which they can eat.  So for example from 12 noon until 8 pm.

The hard core intermittent fasters have about a 4 hour window.  Leaving 20 hours a day to fasting.  This is about where I’m at.  Except for the butter in my coffee.  But, the interesting thing is… I don’t force it.  It happens naturally.

It doesn’t happen naturally in the beginning necessarily, but you end up this way.


Happy – I’m so happy…..~~

I sing while I work, while doing laundry, while cooking, while washing the dishes.  You name it.  I’m happy.

Things that would normally stress me out, don’t.  At least not so much.

Well, then there is the tax office.  That is pretty stressful.

Bye for Now

Thanks for reading.  I look forward to engaging with you again soon.

P.S.  Please comment.  🙂